Cleaning old tub rims

Hi everyone,

I've got a pair of (lovely!) old tub wheels I'm looking to sell, which need cleaning up first. Iirc they had tub tape on them (I certainly never glued them). I've just peeled the tubs off and this has left some residue from the tape. Any ideas on how best to remove?

They also have an 8 speed campag cassette on them - thankfully it wasn't on very tight. Any idea how to tell which cassette model it is? If it were Record (as the hubs) would it say so on there somewhere? As you can see I've had these wheels for so long I'm not even sure of that!

Finally, any advice on the value of an 8 speed Marchisio titanium cassette (in great condition)?

Thanks for any help in advance.



  • It can be a git of a job this. I tried all sorts of solvents before I came upon "Goo Gone" which is used by CX riders in the States (you can buy from Amazon here) - it's great stuff for this job.

    Depends how much residue you need to remove as to whether you use it with a cloth and elbow grease, or if you need to soak.

    If soaking get an old tyre, place the wheel *inside* tyre, pour some GG into the bottom of the tyre so it collects there and is deep enough to cover as much of the rim as possible without it overflowing (make sure to get plenty of newspaper underneath before you start).

    I then set an alarm for about 5-10 mins and every time it goes off I rotate the wheel so a new section is soaking.

    By the time the wheel has turned 180 degrees you can carefully access the rim without disturbing the GG at the base, and use an old cloth to wipe off whatever glue didn't dissolve during its soaking.
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    I’ve used Polycell Paint Brush Cleaner to great effect in the past. On a rag with a bit of elbow grease.

  • You can get the same results as Goo Gone by using any strong citrus based degreaser. A good soaking will get the worst of any tape residue or old glue off. Just watch out for stickers if there are any on the rims!
  • Thanks averyone for the suggestions. They all seem a little expensive (as I'll only be using them once). Might I find any cheap generic citrus based degreasers anywhere (ebay hasn't turned up anything)?
  • ok I guess this will do the job, and there is one 'round the corner:
  • Aye that should do the job. Don't get it on your bare hands though - it'll strip the oil out!
  • Thanks again everyone. Will wear some kitchen gloves!