iOS + KICKR “Heart Rate Program” App?


I searched the forum for “KICKR” & didn’t find any matches, so please pardon me if this has already been discussed.

I own a KICKR 14 (original version) & I’m looking for an iOS app that will monitor my heart rate via a POLAR heart rate monitor, then vary the resistance on the KICKR to keep me at my specified heart rate, similar to the Heart Rate program on PRECOR gym equipment.

Have you seen such an app?




  • zest28
    zest28 Posts: 403
    If you train at a fixed power / Watts, your heart rate should not change. And your heart rate would only change if you put more effort. So indirectly you can accomplish this by letting the app control the power / Watts.

    This is what you can do in the Wahoo app or Zwift (create custom workout and and set all the intervals at the same power)