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Road bike for 2020


I want to ask what will be the best race ready bike to buy for 2020 season. I have 6000$/5000€ to buy a complete bike. I live in Slovenia so we do not have a lot of flat terain and I really like hilly roads. My normal ride is 50-75 km with 800-1500 m of climbing so pretty hilly. I normally do 3-4 rides a week alone and 1-2 rides with group. And I also do some racing at an amateur level.

What bike would you advice for me?


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
    Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 would be a great option. Recently came top in a multi bike review in Cycling Plus Magazine

    SRAM Force eTap 12 speed
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,445
    There isn’t really a good answer to this as there are many equally good options depending on your tastes and riding style. But get something that can be made to fit you perfectly!

    I’ll do what everyone else will do and recommend what I happen to have.. ;-) Get a Ridley Helium SLX. Some spectacular deals on 2019 models right now and if you choose sensibly you could have enough left over for a really good set of wheels (which few off-the-peg bikes come with as standard).
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