Tiagra & GRX compatibility

Anyone any experience with the compatibility of Tiagra 4700 and GRX 10 speed?

Specifically I'm considering changing the front mech and chainset to GRX whilst keeping rear mech, cassette and shifters as 4700 Tiagra

Does it work?


  • timothyw
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    Yep, it'll be fine, in fact you might not even need to change the front derailleur, odds are you can make it work with the new chainset.
  • delv4
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    Thanks @timothyw good to know, i thought the GRX 2.5mm offset required the GRX mech too so I'll try it with Tiagra mech first to see
  • timothyw
    timothyw Posts: 2,482
    Yeah, there's usually a couple of mm adjustability anyway to account for different braze on placement - worth a punt anyway.
  • Some grx components are tiagra bits so yes cross compatible.
  • tsarouxaz
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    edited January 2020
    yes, it will work, I have done the same here
  • wolfsbane2k
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    tsarouxaz said:

    yes, it will work, I have done the same here

    Thanks - I need a new 48T outer for a Priaxis Alba M30 crankset which is over £100 by itself.

    I've therefore been wondering if it's currently cheaper to get a new GRX chainset and get into the shimano "standards" and been trying to work out which way to go. Annoyingly the GRX 10x comes in 48/31T (GRX 800) or 46/32T (GRX 600) not 48x32 and I don't need that extra range, and the GRX800 48/31T is £199...
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