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Rear hub spacing for triban 100 or 500

It is essentially the same frameset does anyone know whether it's a 130 mm or 135 mm rear spacing or something else?


  • I would imagine as a road bike and with 2 bike models sharing the same frame should be 130mm. I know the Triban 100 just has a basic quality 7 speed freewheel and could be 126mm but if its the same frame as the Triban 500 it surely has to be 130mm. I think of 135mm as mountain bike spec but realise specs like these never stand still and dropout spacing keeps expanding as the number of gears keep increasing.
  • ayankayank Posts: 41
    Thanks @bonzo_banana but I was hoping someone would know the definitive info.
  • ayankayank Posts: 41
    Any help here?
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    Well, this isn't the Decathlon customer service centre so no, no help here.

    Seriously, do you own one of them? Get out the ruler.

    Are you going to buy one of them? Bring a ruler to the shop.

    They won't be 135mm. As above, there is a small chance of them being 126mm. They are almost certainly 130mm.
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