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SunTour Forks

Originally posted in incorrect forum..........Am looking to replace some worn out RST 461 elastomer forks on a 30 year old Kona Cindercone. The bike isn't ridden hard, being used on towpaths / cycleways etc so doesn't need top quality kit.
Have looked at SR Suntour XCT-V4-HLO-V 80mm Travel 26" forks and wondered if anyone has used these, and if so what are they like. Also, what is the more general view of SunTour forks at this price point (£90 ish) . Many thanks Pete
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  • The Suntour XC range of forks XCT, XCM and XCR are competent budget entry level forks which get thicker stanchions and more options as you progress up the range. I believe they are made in a very high volume factory. The higher up Suntour models are made in a different facility that also makes OEM forks for many other brands Rockshox etc.

    Also worth considering a rigid fork. You don't have to replace with another suspension fork in fact probably at that age there may have been Cindercones with rigid forks as well.
  • Thanks for the info. Looks like the XCT's should be ok. By the way, you are right re the rigid forks. The bike did come with P2 rigid forks originally, but have long since disappeared, probably during one of several house moves
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