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Rs685 v r7000 shifter shape

An extension of my last thread! Looks like 105 and ultegra shifters are same shape but different materials but wonder if anyone knows how they compare to the 685 which I currently use? Many thanks


  • I thought I'd read the other thread before I responded...

    The gist of the other thread was that the Ultegra Di2 hydraulic shifters R8070 were substantially smaller than the non Di2 version R8020. Indeed that the Di2 shifters were so much smaller they were comparable to a non hydraulic shifter (i.e. the normal R7000).

    You've got last gen hydraulics, which are much bigger than either. The R685 arent as horrendous as the R505 but they are still substantial units. R7020 or R8020 will be noticably smaller than yours as well as better shifting - the new gen moved that on a lot (vs the old non-series hydraulics). Won't be as small as non hydraulics or Di2 but a decent upgrade vs what you currently have.
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    I'll be able to tell you in a few weeks, I have a bike with 685 shifters and am building up a new one with the 7020 shifters.
  • Thanks guys! Davo you’re spot on re what I was after, that’s really useful thanks! Timothy I’m keen to hear your feedback
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