🔥EXCLUSIVE🔥 The true cost of an Olympic-level track bike is revealed in leaked document UCI spread

In a leaked document seen exclusively by BikeRadar, the true cost of an Olympic-level track bike is revealed, with the most expensive framesets (framesets!) costing up to €28,000.
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  • imposter2.0
    imposter2.0 Posts: 12,028
    Pretty sure the WXR was ridden in public at the world cup round in Brisbane. So I don't see why it's still 'under wraps'...

    Anyway, shouldn't this be in the track forum? >>>
  • bobmcstuff
    bobmcstuff Posts: 11,196
    Posting news articles in the forum? Might work I guess...
  • me-109
    me-109 Posts: 1,915
    It's one way of making the forum look busy.
  • bobmcstuff
    bobmcstuff Posts: 11,196
    If it brings traffic and generates discussion then fair enough (they should work on fixing the usability issues first though)