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Hunt Wheels vs DT Swiss

Hi All,

I am currently looking for a 29'er wheelset which will stand up to a 100kg guy with a fairly aggressive riding style.

They are going on a full suspension enduro style frame with a fox 36 fork.

I have a set of 27.5 hunt wheels on a hardtail which for the money are fantastic wheels.
After some investigating i have found which will do a custom build on DT Swiss 240 hubs with EX471 rims which work out around £500. (Seems very cheap for 240 hubs but i have checked and double checked)

Does anyone have experience of action sports or the DT Swiss rims/hubs.
Are they worth the extra over the hunt wheelset?

Any opinions are appreciated.



  • It is very cheap for dt 240 hubs. I'd be wary at that price. You want them built right and at that price there has to be a corner cut.

    Hope hubs are just as good so are mich mtb hubs and alot cheaper than dt swiss 240's. Kinlin have two.mtb rims that even better than the dt swiss rims because a tubeless tyre remains seated with out air and sealant inside. That make set up even easier and mean in case of flat you can plug and reinflate.

    You could have a set of kinlin tl29 rims built onto miche or hope hubs for about £400 here in the u.k Cheaper and better no brainer.
  • Thanks for the response, i've been doing a fair bit of research with very mixed reviews on wheelsets bought from actionsports.

    I've never heard of Miche hubs or Kinlin rims, so i'll do a bit of research - Im not in a rush as i havent received my new frame yet, but im a bit of a nerd and like to look into all possibilities before i hand over my cash.

    The other caveat is that i need the hubs to accommodate the new 12 speed micro spline hub from shimano which i believe is being opened up in January - i can get this from Hope/DT Swiss and Hunt from Jan 1st.

    My current thinking is Hope Hubs laced to DT Swiss EX471 as this give me the rim width and strength im after. I can get a set of these with microspline hub for around the £500 mark.
  • Dont worry every man and his dog who makes hubs will have a microspline freehub available in February. Massimo at miche probably already has a design worked out (reverse engineered). Hope will have done the same along with everyone else.
  • Bringing this back to life...
    I'm trying to decide between the Hunt XC Wide and a DT Swiss XR 361 with 240s Straight Pull (from eBay, seller name is fitwheels_eu, looking it up it's a shop based in Poland, building wheels).
    The Hunt are wider at 24mm vs the 22.5 on the DT Swiss and weigh ~100grams more.
    The DT Swiss option is much more expensive, about 30% incl. shipping.
    I'm trying to determine whether it's a better wheel, or am I paying for the brand and readily available spares (which is important, I guess).
    I need a front 15x110 and a read 12x142 wheel, I weight around 85kg (190lb) and I ride cross country single tracks, not an aggressive rider by any means (no jumping or anything of that sort).
    Any thoughts?
    The only long term review I found of the Hunt is on YouTube from an Australian guy who got his with the bearings not greased, but Hunt assured him it's a one-off and since that was fixed he's happy with his purchase...

    Thanks everyone!
  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    either are fine.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
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    Surprised after all the research that a pre built Hope wheelset isn't in the final? Tick on every box in your requirement list and better value for money.

    Being very picky I reckon the only downside of the Hopes in comparison is maybe slightly heavier? Possibly the average 8.2 degrees of engagement is not as good as some of the other hub options?

    My research led me without a tiny doubt towards Hope wheels, especially their hubs and I consider this as the best upgrade I ever did.

  • @reaperactual
    I didn't find any Hope wheelsets at my price range. The Fortus are more expensive than both options here.. making them almost twice the price of Hunt.
    There are some discounts I found online, but not on the exact sizes I need. If you found anything please let me know.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
    edited November 2020
    My 27.5" Fortus 30 Wheelset was £340 from Bike Wheels Direct, best price I found online.

    This is a link for rear wheel 29er 26 internal width, choose hub, freehub options, find suitable front then a £20 discount for buying a wheelset.

    Or 23mm internal width,

    Just over £340 all in so at least worth putting Hope back on the list Pal.
  • @reaperactual
    Thank you, but they don't deliver to Israel :(
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,163
    edited November 2020
    Sorry Pal, no idea you were in Israel! For what it's worth my second choice of wheels would definitely have been DT Swiss, they make great quality hubs and rims, worth the extra 30% so my vote would be for those over the Hunts.👍
  • I should move to Israel and restart building wheels commercially... I would be treated like royalty... and I love falafel
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  • @ugo.santalucia
    The prices here are preposterous, especially with the recent events and lockdowns - the surge in prices in bikes and components made it to the national news.
    There's a real shortage of professionals: there's one or two shops in the whole country that service forks (and they do a poor job more often than not) - so yeah: you're more than welcome to move here, enjoy the sunny weather, and make your fortune in the bicycle industry!
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    I recently bought a pair of DT Swiss EX511 rims on 350 hubs for £360 from
    Made to order and delivered in a week. No problems with them so far and they have been used at trail centres, bike packing and general riding.
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    And it all promised so so much”

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