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Best value road/tourer

Long time lurker, rare, if ever to post. Basically I've spent a couple of days searching as round and haven't set on an obvious winner. Requirements are:

Drop bars
Shimano 105 (or equivalent)
Mudguard eyes
Pannier/rack mounts (front optional)
Hydro disc brakes

I've got a decent roadie (PX pro carbon, old but well maintained) and I want my next bike to add to the collection. Hence a long distance tourer, with capacity to lug around kit for multi day tours (tent etc). Will be my first foray into discs.

Budget wise was think up to £1300, but not we'd to spending the cash, similarly if what I'm after is a smidge more, so be it.

V taken by Triban 520. Cheap, 105, has eyelets etc, but lacks hydro discs. Also considering Ribble Endurance AL, but lacks eyelets. Boardman ADV 8.9 ticks most, minor shortfall is a tiagra groupset (unsure this is an issue. Currently running a 6-8 yr old Dura Ace set up, which may be on par with today's tiagra?)

Any wisdom/thoughts/suggestions you folk could impart!?

Thanks advance!


  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    edited December 2019
    I went for a Canyon Grail AL 7.0 as a commuter / do all bike as it can take rack and mudguards ;)
    2x11 GRX 800/600 (ultegra 105 mix equivalent) tubeless ready, drop bars, hydraulic disk brakes.....
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    belay that!
    Canyon have removed the rear rack mounts from the 2020 Grail AL frame....
    WTF were they thinking of :(
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
    Why not stick with PX if you're happy with your Pro Carbon.

    They've recently introduced the Free Ranger that effectively ticks all your boxes. Only slight potential issue is that the stock bikes come with 1 x SRAM Rival (£1300) or 1 x SRAM Force (£1500). Has the requires rack and mudguard mounts and hydraulic discs

    The frame is capable of accepting a 2 x drivetrain so you could give yourself a nice little build project by buying the frame (£800) and building it up from parts sourced in sales or on Ebay.
  • monkimarkmonkimark Posts: 1,034
    edited December 2019
    The planet x titanium range has a few options in your budget with hydraulic Rival 22. I think the tempest and the hurricane are road based with rack and guard mounts.
  • Cheers for suggestions!

    Thoughts on upgrading the Btwin to proper hydro?

    I am open ot a build project. My assumption was that self build would always eclipse the cost of buying pre built, but realise I've no reason to believe that to be the case other than a hunch. Ebay specials would also help significantly too, but I expect the groupset will still set me back £600/£700 minimum (off to google now)
  • I've heard pretty good things about the TRP Hy/Rd system so you should give it a go before thinking about upgrading.
    The Triban has post mount brakes and road bikes are very much moving towards flat mount brakes so it may be tricky to find new calipers. You'd also need new shifters so it wouldn't be a cheap upgrade.
  • Of course, different shifters never occurred to me. Also this is my first foray into discs, so actually I am likely to see a change in performance (particularly wet) moving from rims to the TRP setup. I put full hydro as a criteria based on what I had been reading around on the internet, not actually based on my own personal experience!

    One option is to try nab a Triban 2nd hand to get a play around for a year. If I like, & it gets proper use (over & above my road setup), upgrade...

    So many options!
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