Tour 20: Tom Dumoulin and Thibaut Pinot

Do you think they might win the Tour 2020. And if not why not?


  • twotoebenny
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    I don't think Pinot can win a GT mainly due to being that little bit below the top guys (mentally not strong enough too imo) Given the lack of TT miles this will be his best chance but given the Jumbo team and likely SkIneos team I'll say definitively NO.
    Imo Dumoulin can, good team, strong mentally but maybe not enough TT miles for him. How he's recovered from injury will be interesting. I'll say most likely not for 2020 but expect him to win one sometime.
  • timothyw
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    Hard to see anyone but Ineos winning it with the strength of their roster, to be honest.

    Dumoulin definitely could win it, Pinot seems a bit fragile, although to be fair Geraint Thomas looked a bit fragile until last year when it all came together for him.

    Certainly I've always expected to see Dumoulin win it before he retires but I don't really expect Pinot to do so.
  • As posted in the other thread, Jumbo definitely have the team to finally challenge Ineos's Tour domination and it looks as if they will be going all in, next year, with Groenewegen skipping the race. Just like Ineos, they have three potential winners, too.

    Pinot always finds a way to fail at some point over the course of three weeks and while his team is half decent, it's nowhere near as good as the other two.
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  • gsk82
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    I think it'll be more open next year. Pinot could win, but needs to finish first to do that. I can't see Dumoulin climbing with the best Ineos guys. I reckon Roglic is their best hope.

    My prediction for next year: Bernal goes to the Giro and Thomas wins the tour.
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  • ddraver
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    Pinot is just french for Porte isnt it? He's not got the head for it.

    Dumolin on the other hand, if he manages not to self sabotage, yeah sure he could win. Hopefully he'll give the Sky boys a proper battle.
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  • DeVlaeminck
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    Porte had the legs in week long stage races to suggest he should have won grand tours, I'm not sure Pinot has ever proven himself to have that kind of ability.

    I dont see Pinot as mentally weak more just not quite good enough physically - though he seems to be improving with age.
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  • ddraver
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    Pinot wouldn't be quite such a big name if his failures weren't quite so epic. NotaDoc should make a category just for him for 'rider that somehow manages to retire in slow motion soft focus and with Adagio for Strings wafting from somewhere'

    Add in the Madiot factor and you have a bigger cryfest than the end of Incredible Journey (He's too old, it was too far, He's too old 😭😭😭)
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
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  • No_Ta_Doctor
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    I think it would help if Pinot had won a stage race at some point. He's got two podiums and that's it. I had a completely subjective gut-feeling that he was on a knife-edge in the Tour, that he thought it was his one and only big chance and it wouldn't come again. If he ever got into yellow the pressure would be huge.
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