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How light can I go on spokes as a featherweight?

So I'm learning wheel building, and I'm at the point where I'm attempting to build myself a weight weenie wheel for fun.

Some context: I weigh 110-115lbs constant

Rims: i'm looking at KinLin XR200's in 20H front and 24H rear.

Front Hub: Novatec A291SB-SL front, radial 20H lace

Rear Hub: Bitex RAR9 24H, 2x lace on both sides

Nipples: DT Swiss Alloy standard

Spokes: CN Aero330 or Aero360 ultra lightweight steel spokes

So how light can I go on the spokes? many will ask, why not DT revolutions or CX Rays? weight weenie, thats why (also curiosity). i reckon thats an extra 1.5 ish grams per spoke, so ~66 grams per wheelset. So what do you guys think will happen if i just go with them? will my low rider-weight save my censored , or will I be in for a mess of broken spokes and constant retruing or loss of tension?



  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    From the numbers the manufacturers quote, you'd be saving 0.95g per spoke over CX-Ray with the lighter 330 spokes, so just under 42g.

    Personally my larger concern is the quality of the CN spokes, I've never heard of them before.

    There's a reason most builders use Sapim/DT swiss, they are known to be quality spokes.

    You'll probably be fine though, assuming you build the wheel well and aren't unusually powerful for your weight - that doesn't mean the wheels will be good though, flexy wheels aren't much fun to ride on.
  • timothyw said:

    Personally my larger concern is the quality of the CN spokes, I've never heard of them before.

    Thanks for the input. Their CN aero494's and aero424's are like a staple, and come standard for most budget wheelsets (esp from china). They seem to hold up pretty well from what i've heard. i've also owned a pair of wheels with 494's on them and have no complaints. Whether the lighter aero330's will meet those expectations is to be seen.
  • The xr 200 rim is not very stiff. In low spoke count with light spokes it will be a difficult build. Stiff wheels build up quicker. You'll find it time consuming to get the wheel stable as every time you stress it it will go out of true. 4 more spokes for the rear makes a world of difference and adds not much mass.
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