Colnago V3Rs VS V3

naavt Posts: 226
edited December 2019 in Road buying advice
As the title goes. I’m inclined to get a V3 frameset for my new build but very undecided between the two.

V3Rs comes in 200gr lighter but the frameset alone costs more than a complete 105 V3 bike.

That’s a heavy tag per gr (or so I think). Some say that the lighter frame also has better compliance but - honestly - I wonder if that’s true or a real utterly lie.

I think that the huge price difference will pay off at the coffee shop (at least for some people), by showing the bike to friends but that’s not really my thing.

You can say that I’m almost answering my own question, but if anyone wants to shed a light and contribute with something that I’m not remembering, please do.