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Steel Frame recommendation (caliper brakes/mechanical grouppo/braze on front mech)

Hi all (new user here),

I'm keen to move my existing components over to a new road steel frame and looking for recommendations from the community here pls!

What I'm struggling with is finding a really nice steel frame, that I can port my existing components over too (Campag Record mechanical, Fulcrum Zero wheels non-disc) and get that 'magic carpet' ride feel.

Not looking to go too crazy price wise, (perhaps around £500-700 for frame+fork).

So, any advice?



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,846
    Holdsworth Competition from PX would be my choice at that price level..
  • Holdsworth unless you fancy trying to snag a second hand frame by Condor.
  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    You could have a nice Bob Jackson in the colours of your choosing for that price.
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  • amrushtonamrushton Posts: 1,126
    Ribble are doing one but prob the same tubing as Planet X
  • akhakh Posts: 190
    Are you looking for a classic thin tubed bike or something with a more modern look? Very few options for that budget out there that I'm aware of unless you research boutique brands or go second hand. About 1k+ seems to be what a lot of brands target for a frameset now.

    There were some stunning looking steel Condor bikes at the cycles show which would look beautiful with a Campag groupset, but waaaaay over budget.

    FWI, there's a note on PX's website that the Holdsworth actually takes a band-on:

    * NB: Frameset requires a 31.8mm band-on front derailleur clamp, it does not have a braze-on clamp as pictured.

    I don't know if it would work with Campag, but Shimano sell adapters cheaply enough, I've used them on my own steel bikes. They might not match the Campag colour scheme or aesthetic though.
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,416
    Can't you get some Condors around the 800 mark - I've a Fratello and I'm sure when I got it (full bike) you could get the frame and fork for £799.

    I'll admit to not having looked at prices recently... but they are lovely bikes.
  • akhakh Posts: 190
    I almost bought a Fratello before going for a used Genesis Equilibrium (mainly on price grounds). The Fratello frameset is approx £850 now, but it's built for long drop brakes so I'm not sure it'll take the Campag groupset the OP has without new brakes pushing it even further over budget. I'm assuming they also want a racier bike given it's a Record groupset, but could be wrong.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    Have you searched eBay? There are loads from Colnago through to Bob Jackson and all in between - even an 853 Lemond all for less than £300.

  • PX Holdsworth columbus frameset would be my pick. Thought of buying one myself, but often sadly thoughts as far as it gets!
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