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Is this a good deal (Trek Procaliber 8 2019)?

I know next to nothing about MTB but this looked a good buy based on the discount, the Gold forks, carbon post and NX groupset rather than SX:

Evan's seem to have a million left in stock though and they're not being snapped up so am I missing something? Is the Isospeed frame a bit a gimmick and people avoid? The 2020 model is slightly downgraded but cheaper at only £1,400 or upgraded with carbon frame at £1,750. At RRP this model did seem pretty steep.

Any guidance welcome as I am clueless with this.

For a bit of background, no idea what riding I'll be doing but hoping to start MTB'ing so I guess nothing tricky to start with so trails etc rather than extreme downhill.....


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Because it has a big discount doesn't mean it was worth the money in the first place.
    There are better bikes for the money, the big brand bike companies don't do lower priced MTB products very well.
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  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,608
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    At that price I'd say it's a good buy.
    However, it's a racy XC bike so does it suit your intended use? Although you say you have no idea of what riding you'll be doing consider where you are most likely to be riding. What is near where you live? Trail centres? Natural trails? Big hills? Canal paths?
    Once you have a better idea of that you can make the decision on what type of bike is best suited. Choose a bike that is best for the majority of your riding.

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  • Thanks both for your comments.

    In terms of riding, guessing it's going to be trails but with lots of brutal hills. I'm a very underweight and puny roadie so lightweight would have been nice.

    I appreciate the discount might not be real which was kind of my question. Ignoring that, is it still a good deal at just over £1k?

    I was also considering the new Bizango Carbon (£1k but probably £900 in a post Christmas Halfords sale), a 2020 Orbea Alma H20 (£930) or a 2019 Specialized Chisel Comp £999.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 1,943
    For something a bit more versatile, how about a heavily discounted Ragley Marley?

    I bought one of these recently, sadly not at the now price of £900 vs rrp £1300. But I can confirm that the fit out and the bike quality is excellent and the Manitou Mattoc fork is wayyyyy better than the Rekon Gold. (Please trust me on that). B)

    The problem? You have to be size S or XL. But if you are, then buy now!!!

    The size S I bought for my grandson weighs 28lbs after replacing the WTB 2.6" tyres with Maxxis HR II 2.4" and converting to tubeless.
  • Any more guidance? Due to pick up at the weekend and don't want to start my blistering MTB career with a duff bike!
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