Psychology of Cycling Fast Survey

Hello all,
For my extended project I am doing an essay entitled “The Evolution and Applications of Aerodynamics in Cycling; Testing How Valid Current Aerodynamic Drag Models Are In Real World Riding” which might interest some of you; however I need some of your help - please could you fill out my survey on the psychology of cycling fast - it would be very appreciated!
Thank you and Merry Christmas


  • neeb
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    Tried to do the survey but gave up - the problem is that many of the questions require multiple options to be selected but only one option is allowed to be selected.

    IMO you either need to redesign the questions to make the options mutually exclusive, or else allow selecting of multiple options ("select all that apply").
  • Yeah, sorry, you might want to try a user test of your survey and then revise it. For example, I wanted to tick multiple options for q1, but couldn't; q3 really needs a response option about gusts, not steady wind; q7, 8, 9 depends entirely on whether I'm riding my TT bike, my road bike or my commuter.
    A bit of a redesign might enable you to get some useful information, otherwise you'll be fiddling around and not really sure how to use anything you get out of this. Good luck!