Need a bike for work budget around £1000

Been looking mainly at sportive style bikes, my commute is roughly 10 miles a day. I’d like something fast but comfortable. Would like to be able to fit mudguards to it (are the clip on ones any good in the absence of fittings). My preference would be disc brakes, however are they really worth the extra cost?!


  • Hi,
    re: Disc brakes. Yes they are worth the extra cost. Commuting in all weathers is tough on your brakes. Disc brakes will offer much more predictable performance ( the wet) and in my experience the disc pads dont wear as quickly as rim brake pads in the winter (when the muck on the road can quickly eat rim brake pads).
    I use a hybrid for my 6 mile commute. It has full mudguards, and pannier rack, plus disc brakes and spd pedals. I prefer it over my road bikes, as the flat bars give me a slightly more upright position which helps visibility. On the commute with lots of stop start biking its as a quick as my road bikes , and I can use wider tyres (I use 700 x 35) than my sportive bike, which helps with grip and comfort.
    I also use my hybrid for Audax rides and touring (did the North Coast 500 on it last year) so its really versatile.
    Hope this helps a little.
  • Decathlon Triban RC520?
    Leaves you plenty of cash left over for all the other bits such as proper mudguards.
    Can also whack a rack on it to make commuting nicer and take it off for the sportives.
    A friend of mine did Paris-Brest-Paris on it so it's perfectly capable.
  • For 10 miles to work and back, how about a proper commuter bike with a hub gear. Ots probably going to be a hybrid. Your maintenance costs will be lower.

    I'm.must be getting old as for a commuter bike this what I fancy now.
  • I own a Forme calver which is a great winter bike, I have rode it for 2 winters with zero problems