Can women wear men's bib shorts?

I'm having trouble finding women's bib shorts at my local bike shops. I'm wondering if I should just buy a pair of men's. Is that going to be a problem for me?


  • Why would it be a problem if they fit?
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  • maryka
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    Most of my shorts are men's because they fit better. I find the pads in women's shorts tend to be too narrow and too wide in the wrong places, also not padded enough where I want them. Men's shorts often have a wider range of choice and better sizing for women who don't look like Italian models too...
  • slowbike
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    I'm sure there's a specific law against it ...

    but - just wear what fits and is comfortable ... which is the general point of bib shorts anyway.
  • awavey
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    well its only been in within the last several years that kit makers even started making womens specific pads or tailored bibshorts, before then you had no real choice, or very limited choice at least

    the problem will be sizing around thighs, hips etc plus the modern pads seem to pack alot more padding up front for the blokes, which isnt necessarily the best comfort fit for women so be aware not to end up with a pressure point.

    but yeah if its comfortable do what works for you,
  • They are cut different on both chamois shape and lycra proportions but if you find the mens ones comfy I can't see a problem with you wearing them.