Thru Axle Hub End Cap Failure


I'm not very experienced with thru axles so I'm looking for advice on a front hub problem.

I broke a spoke and on closer inspection I noticed the end cap on the non brake side hub was loose. It was very worn on 2 sides which was why it no longer fits correctly. I've attached an image below to show the end cap. I've taken the end cap out of the socket here, I believe it should fit snugly but is now loose.

I'm not sure what the correct name of the part is. Can it be replaced easily or is it a case of getting a new wheel?

Also, when I tighten the thru Axle bolt, it secures the wheel to the forks with no side play. Is it safe to ride? If I hadn't taken off the wheel I wouldn't know this problem existed.

Thanks for your advice and help.


  • cycleclinic
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    end caps are not generic they are specific to a wheelset. you have not said which wheelset it is. If it bike brand wheelset when you have to approch the importer and see if its a part they supply. If not shop in general will say if we dont now the hub we dont know where to look. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • papad
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    Thanks for your reply.
    The hub is a Novatec XD791SB.

    I'm also wondering how safe the bike is to ride?
  • 100x15mm or 100x12mm.