Carbon wheelset for Trek Emonda SL6 Disc - which?

Budget maximum £1000, nothing heavier than 1500g. Looking at Hunt - their 30mm set is around 1350g. Opinions/alternatives?


  • mrb123
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    Have a look at LightBicycle. Probably the best regarded of the Chinese carbon companies. For £1000 you'll be able to get a lovely set with a much nicer hub than the Hunts use.
  • Cheers. Looking.
  • Light Bicycle are probably the best place but I'm also happy with the wheels I got from Wheelsmith.
  • Which hub do the Hunt use? Novatec?
  • mrb123
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    Think they're generally Novatec hubs and Pillar spokes.
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    well buy setting that arbitary weight limit you rule out more aero wheels. Wheelset weight is no good guide to how they feel. heavier wheels dont always feel heavier. How a wheel responds to load is as if not more important than how heavy they are.

    It is impossible to help if your of that mind set as you will end up looking at companies that produce wheels to that lighter is always better predujice where as infact performance wise wheelset weight is not a good guide.
    To get under 1500g for £1000 mean cheap light hubs like novatec and shallowish carbon rims or light alloy rims. you essentially need rims that are no more than 400g each and hubs that weigh less than 400g for a pair.

    30mm deep does not give much of an aero gain. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • True. I would ride 50mm if the aero gain is worth it, would preferably like to subtract a few grams from the overall weight of the bike, though (wouldn't we all). The parameters in my first post are not set in stone.