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CX race next month, novice. What bike would you recommend i use out of my two options?

Im having a go at a local CX race have only done one CX race years back. I have two bikes that i can use, which one do you think i should use? I expect a mud bath course. I dont think theres much in it between bikes hence asking for your thoughts. No im not buying a CX bike! I used a 26er last time went ok. Have done mtb XC events on my 29er more climbing/tech sections than CX but pos 26 bike more nimble for turns?
My bike s are....
A. 26 wheel hybrid rigid frame/fork have a pair of old michelin country x tyres to put on, disc brakes, flat bar, 3x8 use daily as commuter,
B. 29er hard tail, 2.25 tyres Xc treads, tubeless, 2x10, would pump up fork to reduce sag and remove dropper replace with normal post.
I think both bikes are similar in the weight scales. I m struggling to imagine whats going to be best for the job as not got enough recent experience to draw on.


  • marykamaryka Posts: 748
    I've never raced a MTB for CX but I race on both a 26" CX bike and a 700c one, both with 32mm wide CX tires. The bigger wheeled bike is better for pure strength courses (through thick muddy grass or mud in general, sloppy wet mud, sand, anything that you have to carry momentum through). I like the 26" wheels for races with lots of slow speed turns, hills and lumps, and when I need to jump off and on the bike a lot (the reason I bought the 26" was because I am quite short and struggle with the 700c bike feeling too "big" at times). So for me it would depend on the course I think.
  • Thanks, the 29er would feel massive on twisty turns as you say, thats one vote for the 26er i reckon! Im going to have to get the mud tyres on and take the commuter over some muddy trails to try out. I ride the bloody thing everyday to work, il have to ride it over the holidays now aswell!
  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,991
    Out of interest, why would you take the dropper post out? The 29er would get my vote though, depending on tyres
  • I think it maybe a good idea to remove dropper. I wouldnt want to subject my dropper to my heavy censored hitting the seat with force as i jump back on after run sections! The tyres on 29er are 2.4 upfront and 2.25 back i read that the skinnier the tyre is better for deeper mud sections on CX courses?
  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,991
    Fair enough, I've never really considered it with any of mine on mountain bikes as I'd assumed they'd be fairly durable. On the tyres, from mountain bike experience I'd say yes, mud tyres are narrower so they cut through to something hard better
  • cheers for tips, im looking at buying some thinner tyres, the Schwalbe CX pro in 26 have good reviews. Can get a pair for £30 or so, offset with a possible in bound xmas voucher or two?!The reviews say theyre good all round tyres. Also going to try to set them up tubeless as was going to with commuter tyres anyway.
  • marykamaryka Posts: 748
    edited December 2019
    I quite like my Islabike Greim tires in 26. They are better than the CX pro imo. More like Baby Limus in tread, and lighter too. for the cheap version and for the nicer ones.
  • Take both. Cx can be so filthy you need to swap bikes half way through.
  • edited December 2019
    Haha Im flip flopping a bit! Thinking the 29er now and fitting a 2.2 trail boss i have, removing the gert big 2.4 thats on the front. Im riding to the event from my house not going to do bikes swap etc, im doing it for the crack as its local so min mess about less for bike and body prep!
    If i go with this set up its no extra cost either. Thanks for your posts btw.
  • How did you go on with this? Intrigued
  • edited March 2020
    late back but- went with my 26et commuter plus old pair of Mchln Country X set up tubeless pssibly too worn lacking tread! The race was a total mudfest with a bit of ice mixed in. What a blast, bike picked up a ton of extra mud weight. Great experience though. May do some local mtb XC events this year, using mtb not hybrid!
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