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Frigo and Fasso Bortolo

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Interesting reading on t'other forum. Frigo has been posting (and Luco P?)

That was some bad censored going down

The translator is ok


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    Thanks for the link!

    I'm not hugely surprised but god, that is grim.
    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
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    Dr Emilio Magni, who has dutifuly followed Vincenzo Niabli to every team since. I don't know of any other rider who insists on bringing his doctor with him to a new team.
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    Google translate is a bit garbled... anyone got a precis?
  • 2003 Frigo wins stage 4 ITT of Paris Nice. Next morning on the Mt Faron stage after the UCI checks Dr Magni injects him with a new and generally untested synthetic haemoglobin (this sees to be in cahoots with the manufacturer?) as a tester for the upcoming Giro
    Frigo has a bad reaction . The team take time getting him to hospital Eventually they call an ambulance and he is taken to Nimes . They give staff members caps and bottles to keep quiet ! When he is a bit better he calls DS Ferretti who is annoyed he reacted badly . Frigo is cast aside. 'cannon fodder' Frigo goes on to detail general head in the sand behaviour and mentions Dr. Roberto Corsetti who was President of the Italian Association of Doctors of Cycling (AIMe.C.) from 2008 to 2016.

    Overall Frigo highlights the 'slavery' the riders faced. Huge pressure from sponsors and DS's . If they disappoint and dont get results they were ostracised. Riders health seemed a minor issue - Frigo reacting to the new wonderdrug made him undesirable. He went back to 'what he knew'

    Looking at the rest of the year he must have been 'focused' as he was battling with Simoni at the Giro - took a stage and 7th overall . 5th at the worlds ITT only 1.51 down on David Millar :o:)
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