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recommend a new tyre.

My back tyre is near its end of its life. Tyre is a schwalbe durano double defence in 28c size. Lasted nearly two and a half years. The tread is worn and the tyre is stretched to a point I can nearly remove it from the rim and put it back on with just my hands and not need a tyre lever.

I was thinking of buying either a Michelin pro 4 endurance or a Continental Four Seasons. A good balance between weight, rolling resistance and puncture protection. Which of the two shall I get? Or is there another good tyre out there with equivalent performance? If no good ideas, I'll buy another double defence.

Please don't say any of the schwalbe marathon series, I'm too proud to be using it. I like proper road bike tyres.

Another question is do tyres with 60 tpi last longer and more puncture resistant than a 3/300 tpi? Regardless of puncture protection belts.



  • I prefer the michelin myself
  • alanyualanyu Posts: 73
    panaracer race C/D evo3/4
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,732
    IRC Formula pro xguards for me. Ditched 4 seasons and durano,s after to many flats. Used gaters till I converted to IRC, only drawback with them is the cost.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • liggoliggo Posts: 2
    I ride on mucky country lanes and found the 4 Seasons to be excellent at repelling stones etc.
  • I'd go with the Pro 4 Endurance
  • frozefroze Posts: 194
    Are you commuting on this tire? If so you might want something a tad more robust like the Specialized Roubaix Pro tire; of course being a tad more robust means they do weigh a bit more at 300 grams but they have been tested to have very low rolling resistance. Having used the Specialized and the Conti I preferred the Specs because they last longer and I never got a flat or cut. I haven't tried the Mich Pro 4 series yet but of all the tires I have used over the years these Spec tires are my favorites. Those Spec tires are suppose to be fall through spring tires, but I've used them all year round except winter because where I live it gets too cold to ride in the winter, but they do have good traction in
    the rain.

    The Mich and the Spec tire both sell for about the same amount of money, but the Conti will be another $15 each more, I just don't think any tire is worth $60, or $120 for the pair! I also don't buy any tire unless it's on sale, so I got my pair of Specs for $60 for the pair instead of $80 if not on sale, which puts the tire into the $30 each realm which is close to my max I will spend for a tire, which also means I spent half of the cost for a pair of Specs as I would have for Conti.

    Problem with the Spec tires is that they only go on sale for 5 days once a year, and last year they didn't go on sale so it maybe every other year they go on sale? The Mich tires will go on sale periodically but the Conti will not. Just on price alone if all you want is either the Mich or the Conti I wouldn't even think about and take the Mich due to the far better price over the Conti, and from what I've read the Mich is a very good tire and is highly reviewed.
  • Im using a lifeline essential commuter, decent tyres dirt cheap from wiggle
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,485
    +1 on those Roubaix Pros
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