Most race miles for 2019

Who got the most miles in competition?


  • cruff
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    De Gendt?
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  • andyp
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    Procyclingstats do a ranking on this, but it doesn't seem to be working currently;

    De Gendt and Luis Leon Sanchez had the highest number of racedays, both did 94 last season.
  • Jens Debusschere 93 race days, 15268 km, which is 370km more than Lulu Sanchez
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  • RichN95.
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    CQ have Sanchez first on 14793km. Debusschere is only 7th with 14097km (and only 88 days)

    Who to trust?

    Edit: It appears that PCS count DNF kilometres in full while CQ count it as zero.
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  • bobmcstuff
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    So both are wrong then... You'd need to add up the kms they rode before they stopped in each race...