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Indi ATB 1 (Cheap Halfords Bike) Which bottom bracket & Bearings do i need?

I own a cheap halfords bike, Indi ATB1 19" frame, 26" wheels,

My bottom bracket is on the way out, i've bought a 48 piece tool kit so i can fix it myself and i've watched a few videos on youtube how to replace bottom bracket but i'm wanting to know what type of bottom bracket and bearings i need,

In the spec it says Bottom Bracket:Loose bearin, 68x126mmCassette/Freewheel:6

I'm guessing the bracket size is 68x126 but there's tapered and different types i think?

I'm wanting to know what i need without having to strip it down if i can??

Any advice will be appreciated,

Thank you for your time.

Wakey Terrier
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