SRM Origin Powermeter on Cannondale?

Hi there, would like to purchase a new powermeter for my Supersix evo (

Does the 30mm version fit? I believe the bike has a BB30a.

Thank you


  • The Cannondale is asymmetrical so you have to watch that. You can get a power2max power meter which fits the Cannondale si crankset. That’s the one I would go for but if you prefer SRM ask them if it works with the Cannondale frame.
  • tubelessrocks
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    if it were me, id go with the 24mm one and avoid a press fit BB/pf30 / 30a by using a wheels or similar bb conversion, plus you can then move your very expensive powermeter to any other bike and if necessary sell it on more easily.

    The wheels ones are a piece of piss to install and work very very well.