Place to buy Touch up paints for a blue, Cube 160?

Hi all,
I have a Blue, Cube 160 and it has a fair few scratches now. I am looking for touch up paints and then local auto paint mixers (who have been good with other paints, before) declined to mix as they cannot match it.

I sent Cube an email with model, age and serial number and there has been no reply for nearly a month.

Could I have an references of CUBE users in here for mixers in UK who could supply this colour?

Thank you


  • steve_sordy
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    Until recently, I never managed to find a colour match on any bike that I have ever owned. I had tried model shops, Halfords' touch up paints for cars and so forth. The best I could find was never good enough, although using it was better than nothing.

    Then I bought a bike from German brand Focus and in the first week I chipped the paint! I went to Halfords, more in hope than expectation. I searched all the blues in the German car section (VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes...), comparing them to the photo I had taken on my mobile. Nothing. Then the American brands (Ford, Chrysler..) Nothing. Then the French brands (Citroen, Renault, .....) Wait, what's that in the Peugot section? Aegean Blue Metallic was a perfect match! So it's well worth another visit if you have previously given up on Halfords'. :)