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Help putting value to my dads old Cannondale Caad 7 Saeco


I am new to this but i have a question. My father was cleaning out his garage and we found his old road bike well i believe its about 15 years old. I
think he wants to sell it and we have no idea what its worth. could anyone help?


  • £100
  • If he didn't even remember he had it, maybe he didn't use it very much... so there might be a bargain to be had.
    You need to find someone nostalgic about Simoni/Cunego/Cipollini and the days of big EPO doses and you might get a bit more than the £100 quoted above.

    What's the groupset, 105 or Ultegra?
  • I like it , stick it on the cannondale sales forum on Facebook
    All I can think of is how painful that saddle must be on the crown Jewls . Tilt it down if you even attempt to ride it yourself
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