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How do I plug the unused cable hole when I go 1x?

Just that. When you no longer have a front derailleur, what do you use to keep the rain out of your frame when there's no cable in the cable hole? Bonus points for anything that looks better than the bit of black tape I've got over it now.


  • Sugru?
  • monkimark said:


    Have you tried that? And if so, can you supply pictures and instructions?
  • Blob of silicon sealant, that way you can pull it back out when you decide to go back to 2x.
  • + 1 for Sugru, I used it when I changed to Di2 to plug the unused cable hole at the front.
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  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    My Fuji frame has holes for internal electrical routing but is fitted with external, mechanical cabling. The holes are blanked off with a simple grommet.
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  • Sugru is good for this task. Only problem is it comes in volumes that far exceed the (small), amount you actually need to plug small holes, and once it's opened, it's hard to keep the air out of it and it hardening (even if you do wrap it in cling-film etc).

    I ended up "finding", things to fashion with the Sugru once i'd opened it and used it for the holes. If you use Di2 and have an under stem junction box, I used a blob to stick the box to the underside of the stem on one bike (have bar end junction in the other). That's very neat and does away with cable ties or that naff rubber strap.

    Other than that, If you're unfortunate enough to own Apple devices, it's good for reinforcing the charger cables where they always seem to bend and split/ break.
  • Since youre a total marketing guff swallower just buya new frame
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Sugru is great. I broke the nut holding my mudguard stay onto the mudguard about 7 years ago so sugrud it on. It's still working just fine.

    Definitely have a think about what else you can use it for though before you open the pack.
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