Double barrel front light

Apologies .. I am sure this topic has more dealt with many times ... but with this new forum layout .. I am still struggling with the usage.

Almost had an close encounter with a with a car about to pull out from a side road to the main road. I already have a light that I interchange from strobe flash to full the time of the encounter, the light was on steady beam with a short travel distance. I want to believe that if I can have one light constantly flashing and the other steady .. My flashing beam would have arrived on the front part of car. I do not want to use two sets of lights to achieve this objective.

Pleace recommend me one.. if it exists


  • photonic69
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    Some lights have a “steady with flash” mode from a single unit.

    Search here for recommendations:

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • bobones
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    Cateye Volt series has a "hyper constant" daytime constant/flashing mode which seems to be what you are looking for. I have had a Volt 1200 for several years and it is a fantastic light for both unlit roads and daytime use, but there are less powerful (Volt 800) and more powerful (Volt 1700) depending on your needs. The newer AMPP series also has this feature.
  • slowbike
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    I used to run on the Cateye with the hyper constant setting.
    The Bikehut/Halfords lights have a similar setting - although I don't find the constant light enough to illuminate the road for me (I ride unlit roads) and tbh, I don't use the function because I don't come across many junctions on my commute.

    I do run with 2 lights on the bars at night though - one in use, the other is there in case - or if conditions warrant it - on as well - like the other day when we had freezing fog - I used the lower power light for most of the ride - switched on the halfords 1600 light when the conditions closed in - switched the other to flash mode.

    3 lights on the back too ... depending on conditions - either 2 or 3 On - and I've arrived at my destination to discover the battery depleted in one light - so worth doing IMHO.