Almost full disc group (giant conduct/Tiagra 4700)

Thought I’d give this lot a go on here for 24 hours or so before going for eBay just on the off chance someone has a disc frame they’re looking for a value for money group set for.

Included in the sale:

Tiagra 4700 shifters - absolutely mint condition
Tiagra 4700 front mech
Tiagra 4700 rear mech - long cage
Tiagra 11-34 10-speed cassette
10-speed chain
Giant conduct disc brake system (comments on this below)
Flat mount callipers and pads
All hoses
Giant conduct computer mount plus whatever bits come with it for mounting stuff on the handlebars
Giant connect 100mm +/- 8 degree stem for attaching the conduct reservoir to.

To make this a full group set you’d need discs and new gear cable inners plus a chainset. I’d include the Tiagra chainset for an extra £50 but honestly I’d prefer to keep it. I’d also rather keep the discs but will discuss including these if it helps make a sale.

I’m selling this purely because I’ve been too ill to ride so, as is my tendency, I’ve gone and bought the parts to change up to an 11-speed 105 setup so this will have to go as I have no plans to build another bike. All the bits are still on the bike because if it sells as a group, it’s easier to leave the shifters attached to the reservoir than for the buyer to spend energy reconnecting everything.

The conduct braking system is actually really good. I can’t honestly feel any difference between it an a full hydraulic system. The 4700 gear change is also blooming impressive so changing to 11-speed is literally unnecessary but if I can’t ride I have a habit of tinkering.

I’d like to get somewhere in the region of £180 for the lot but sensible offers will be considered. The computer mount is set up for a wahoo bolt which basically means the computer mount bit itself has had to be glued in as it was originally only designed for garmins. I’m sure it’ll come out but anyone buying the setup is basically getting this as an added extra for free.

The group set has done 50-60 miles so is absolutely as new. Won’t take long to take it off the bike so I reckon I can have it all in the post within 24 hours of payment. The rear brake will need bleeding because I’m going to have to disconnect the hose and feed it through the frame to remove it. I’ll make sure the end of the hose is sealed so that the minimum amount of mineral oil gets out but there will definitely be a loss. You’ll probably need a new olive to reconnect it to the calliper. Instructions for bleeding the system are easily findable online. The front will be fine though as that’s externally routed.

Pictures may spread over a few messages!


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    Immediately realised I’d over priced this. Drop to £150 or close offers. Oh and PayPal all good, free standard delivery. Or collection in Dartford.
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    £140 delivered?
  • I'd be interested in the calipers if you split. Am I correct in thinking they are cable actuated but with a hydraulic mechanism to close the pads?
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    Almost. There’s a very short cable run to hydraulic unit on the stem. It’s then hydraulic down to the callipers.
  • Ah okay, I take it its compatible with most frames? Anyway let me know what you're looking for price wise
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    So long as it’s a disc-compatible frame, yeah it works. I’m including a stem because it only fits the Giant one. No idea what I’d want really. Probably around £65-70 including hoses and callipers but I’m not sure about whether I want to split it.
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    Everything is now off the bike and ready to pack up to send. Splitting it is an option, i was just keen to avoid having too many packages to send off! I’ll supply a new olive and insert for the hose I had to remove and will probably refit the removed hose to the unit to avoid any leaking of oil in the post. The rear will definitely need bleeding though! Did my best to avoid air getting into the system but just a few too many drips of oil escaped.

    Assuming I do split, I’ll include the brake cable outers for the conduct unit and all outers that came with the shifters.

    Prices (and this will probably make me realise I’d overpriced it all!):

    Conduct unit with hoses and callipers (remember, only about 60 miles done!) offers around £65 (delivered)
    4700 shifters with gear cable outers £60 (delivered)
    4700 rear mech £25 (delivered)
    4700 front mech £15 (delivered)

    Still happy to sell the lot at £140 including delivery
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    Going to leave this until tomorrow morning. It’d be nice to sell it to offset some of the cost of the upgrade but I’m not desperate enough to give it away. Any interest, let me know. Thanks
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    Think I’ll hold onto it all for now. (Hopefully!) locking the thread.
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