Tinkling noise from new rear wheel

Hi All,

I recently purchased brand new wheels. Roval CL-50s which are a fairly light 50mm carbon wheel. I have about 750kms on them so far and have been happy with them, except the last few rides I seem to have developed a tinkling noise when in low gears (36-28 and near to it) going up hills. It seems to happen when I push on the pedals. Sounds like spokes pinging. It is not a click at one position of the cranks like a BB noise, but more a tinking whenever the rorque on the cassette is high. I can confirm my old rear wheel does not make the same noise, so seems to be isolated to the wheel.

I have tried greasing skewers and a little chain lube where the spokes cross but seems to make no difference. Checked cassette is tight. I was just wondering if this could be something to to with spoke tension and maybe the wheels have loosened up a little with initial use? I will probably have to return to supplier, but that will be a bit of a pin, so just want to make sure I have worked things out as best as I can from my end. Can a drop of lube or grease anywhere else help with these noises?


  • david7m
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    I had a new bike April and it did the same, then went away again and been fine since. Sounded like the spokes settling down.
    Can't remember how long it lasted, sorry.
    I'd contact supplier to start the ball rolling and keep riding to see if it improves.
  • i.bhamra
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    How close is your rear mech cage to the spokes? Had a rear wheel once where the flex was enough to cause the cage to occasionally graze the spokes when pushing hard up steeper hills in low gears. Sorted by a combination of increasing spoke tension and ensuring hanger/mech cage were straight and low limit set correctly. I could see scratches on the spokes where the cage was making contact.
  • sounds like spokes, bit of grease where they cross and check non have slackened off. However....... noises from the rear wheel in those cogs and under pressure are often an indication that the bearing in the free hub closest to the wheel is on its way out. If it gets progressively worse and you start hearing a creaking under the conditions you describe then I would look there.

    Remove the free hub, wedge your finger in the bearing if its loose and spins very easily as opposed to smoothly under control you might try flicking off the seal and re packing but its probably best to replace. if you do, don't buy a shit bearing because you'll have to do the job again.