Blackburn Central 50 rear light wont charge

This went flat yesterday during a ride and has now been on charge almost 24 hours. Red light is still flashing to indicate charging.
Normally fully charged and solid green light if left overnight.
Is she toast?
Anything i can try?


  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    Different usb lead overnight, still slow red light flashing. Disconnected and won't turn on. Tried press and holding power button for a minute, nothing happened.
  • i.bhamra
    i.bhamra Posts: 304
    Sounds like it's time for a new light. Had a few Blackburn ones in the past, they are look like good value but eventually just stop working. Have put it down to water getting in (may or may not be the actual cause) but they don't seem to be very robust. Switched to Moon lights, similarly priced but more powerful and definitely more reliable.
  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    I wonder if running to completely flat ruins the battery, would be pretty rubbish if that is the case given the purpose.
  • photonic69
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    Sounds like it is toast I'm afraid.
    For rear lights I usually use fairly cheap lights that take rechargeable AAA batteries. I consider rear lights semi-disposable as they tend to fail often and they fall off and you never see them again. Mine cost around between £3-6 each from Planet X when they have a sale and I buy 3-4 at a time. (family have bikes too)
    For the front then Moon have a very good reputation and you can get replacement batteries if one should fail

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • thistle_
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    david7m said:

    I wonder if running to completely flat ruins the battery, would be pretty rubbish if that is the case given the purpose.

    It should have protection circuitry in it so that cannot happen (it will just turn off when the battery is too low).

    Blackburn lights have a 2 year warranty:
    I had a similar light to yours and a similar problem to yours (stopped charging). I contacted Blackburn asking how the warranty works and had no response, I contacted CRC/Wiggle/whoever and they refunded me straight away.
  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    I've also contacted import company for any tips, and no reply. Unfortunately it was new, but from Ebay so I've no come back :(
  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    I took it apart. Battery label was 3.7v 1000mha, but wouldn't charge past 2.5v. New battery £5 from Ebay, but couldn't be bothered as wouldn't feel comfortable leaving a lipo battery charging unattended.
    Battery recycled and the rest in bin.
    Will ask Santa :)