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Focus Izalco Max Naked Freestyle 2018 Carbon Road Bike,SRAM ETAP- 6.25kg -£6.6K worth for £2650

moolay278moolay278 Posts: 9
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Focus Izalco Max Naked Freestyle2018 Carbon Road Bike with 22 SRAM Red ETAP Groupset and Mavic Ksyrium Pro SLExalith Carbon Spoke Wheelset– 6.25kgs - £6600

£2650 O.N.O

Welcome to my auction of a one of a kind superbike. This isa 2018 Naked Carbon Freestyle Focus Izalco Max bike built up from frame usingSRAM Red ETAP and all manner of the highest end components with the focus todrop as much weight as possible! Not only are the frame graphics some of thesexiest you will find on a bike but this whole bike, not including pedals(which are NOT included in sale) weighs only 6.25kgs!!

Frame Size is XS – 50cm - That said i am 5ft 11.5" & today 06th nov i have just ridden it home & it really doesnt feel like a small bike! I rode a 54cm propel in this morning & the size felt similar. I would guess this bike would fit a rider all the way up to 5ft 9". Please come & have a test ride to find out, this bike is not only the most beautiful bike i have built but it rides like a dream! So fast at 6.25kg but really stable & surefooted, its an amazing machine!!

The Standard Focus Izalco Max ETAP will cost you £5999 andweighs a fair bit more than this build and certainly has none of the wowfactor.

High-end has a name: The IZALCO MAX effectivelytransmits your pedal power onto the road. You're in pursuit of the finish lineand want to maximise your efforts: which is where we come in – with anunbelievably light carbon frame, outstanding stiffness and our mostsophisticated technology. No wonder even professional cyclists swear by theIZALCO MAX. Professional wheels for you. Staking its claim in the ultimatelightweight category, the frame of the Izalco Max weighs just 750 grams. Field-testedand proven by the countless successes of our UCI World Tour teams: the IZALCOMAX meets the highest demands.

The wheelset are Mavic Ksyrium Pro SL Exalith Carbon Spoked Clincher wheels. Theyare in excellent condition and only weigh 1350grams

The Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL is a lighter and stifferversion of Ksyrium Pro Exalith. It pushes weight-saving one step further,making it a high performance choice for any kind of ride. Like the Pro Exalith,this wheel features the same Fore technology and Zicral spokes that bringhigher stiffness and strength at a very low weight.

Every other bit of Carbon finishing kit is of thevery highest standards and all in lovely condition. This truly is a pedigreesuperbike that you will not see anywhere else and will have all other riderslooking At you very jealously.

The kit list is as follows:


MAX technology carbon, caliper, PF30BB, 130 mm quick release dropouts, Di2 ready, external brake cable routing


MAX technology carbon, caliper, 100 mm quick release - £2400

Brakes - SRAM Red 22 front and rearbrakes - £230

Cassette - Dura Ace 9000 – 11-28 - £175

Chain - SRAM RED 22 - £30

Rear derailleur - SRAM Red ETAP -£500

Front derailleur - SRAM Red ETAP -£275

Shifters – SRAM Red ETAP - £500

SRAM RED 22 175mm – 50/34 - £340

Gear ratio front: 50/34 rear: 11/28

Handlebar - 3T Ergonova Team - £250

Stem – 3T ARX Ltd Carbon - £290

Saddle fi'zi:k R1 Carbon Braided - £175

Seatpost – Fizik R1 Carbon - £150

Wheelset - Mavic Ksyrium Pro SL Exalith Carbon Spoked - £1200

Tires – Schwable Ultremo HT Tubular Tyre - £40 each

£6595 Build Cost

New Bartape was fitted 30th Sept 2019 and has yet to see the outsideworld, bike looks and rides like new.

Any more photos let me know.

Bike to be collectedor viewed from Cardiff Area

I am willing to post the bike (at the buyers risk), which I have already done a few times with noproblems at all.
All parts will be meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap and the rear wheel willremain clamped to the frame protecting the derailler,mech hanger and rear offrame etc.

Cost is £100 with insurance.


  • I will apologise in advance but I feel I have to comment on some of the things you mention in your description of this bike particularly in relation to sizing and suitability etc. Just for info, I work in a bike shop where we sell high end bikes including this exact model and I have sold three of these, one in an XS size and one to myself! I also carry out the full Retul bike fit service myself so I have some knowledge of fit and sizing.
    I am struggling with your advice re suitable height of rider for this XS. The XS that I sold went to a lady who is about 5’ 5” tall but I would suggest that this size would work for somebody up to 5’7 depending on their own proportions and flexibility. 5’ 9” would definitely be requiring at least a Small or maybe even a Medium as the geometry of this frame is VERY aggressive with a very low stack height.
    Your comparison to a 54cm Propel is confusing as Giant use S, M, L etc and not CM sizing so I presume you mean a Medium which is two sizes bigger than the XS Izalco and at 5’ 11.5” is only just about right for you. As a comparison, I am 5’ 11.5” tall and I rode a Large Izalco Max with a very good position for racing and training on.
    My point is that your description could make it seem that this bike would be suitable for them when in reality it would be an unsustainable position for more than very short journeys and would almost certainly need the stem flipped as you have it in the picture.
    Sorry to go on but I hope this helps you to sell it to the right person and to not suffer any after sales problems.
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