Spesh Power Elaston 143 FS

Bought this a couple of weeks ago on here.
Doesn't suit my botty which is a shame because it looks real nice.
Never mind, the search goes on.

£60 posted


  • PM sent - very interested in this!
  • Hi Graham, I've replied.
    Saddle still for sale
  • Sorry but I can’t see any reply anywhere! To be honest this new forum functionality is utter rubbish and it is ridiculously hard to find what you’re looking for on it so your message is probably there somewhere but nothing has flagged up when I log in. Apparently this is supposed to be an improvement but it’s just a mess. Can you please put your reply as a post here because I simply cannot see where your reply message has gone.
    Thanks, Graham
  • Hi Graham
    I share your frustrations fella.
    I sent a DM along the lines that I tried an Aliante a few years back and it didn't work for me, unfortunately. I'm looking for an older Fizik Ares or Antares Versus at the mo.
  • Hi GW - if the posters above don't work out, I'd like to happy take it. I'll drop a PM and.... hope it arrives, I guess! Cheers.
  • Sold to poptart242 pending payment
    I've DMd you, Michael
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