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Van support of trip to Bormio

Hi Folks,
We are planning a trip to Bormio for August 2020 and were looking to source local van support for 4 days. Would anyone have any recommendations besides the major tour companies?
Many thanks


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    There's at least two bike hotels in Bormio that might be able to help ?
  • Hey Fenix, yep loads of hotel options and packages but just looking for van support. cheers
  • Hi, sorry to hijack thread, I'm looking to do similar type of trip in June and debating whether to self organise it all or just use one of the many companies and outsource the organisation to someone else... any reason you've chosen to self organise than use a company?
  • davep1davep1 Posts: 836
    OP, in case you don't know, the Saturday at the end of August (or the first in September) they shut the road up the Stelvio to vehicles, from Bormio and from Prato from 8 am until about 4 pm. I rode it this summer, although I started before 7 as we had about 500 miles of driving to do once I'd had my fun, and it was a fantastic day out. If the weather is good over 10000 riders try it from both sides (I guess more from Prato, but don't have numbers) even some people try running it...if the weather is bad, they can close the road. I wanted to do this in 2017, but the forecast was for rain all that weekend, and it was cold enough to snow at the top and they closed the road to all traffic, so you couldn't get over the pass.
    Because I was so early (I think the 3rd or 4th person up from Bormio that morning) I was heading down as big numbers were heading up. The looks on peoples' faces made it worth the early start alone!

    If you choose to do the climb on a different day, beware there are 4 or 5 short tunnels on the way up from Bormio, one has traffic lights to control traffic as it isn't wide enough for vehicles to go up and down together. I don't think they would be a problem on the way up, but coming down you could be going fast enough to have some nasty surprises.
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