route planning

What are ppl using for route planning? It's been a while since I did much long disance riding and I want to plan a proper trip for 2020. I would previously used ride With GPS but not sure if it's still free to use or if it's worth the ££ Thanks


  • maryka
    maryka Posts: 748
    Plotaroute, but you need to pay premium to use Google Maps (Open Street Maps are great for the UK, not sure about elsewhere in the world).
  • wongataa
    wongataa Posts: 1,001
    I use RithWithGPS.
  • Longshot
    Longshot Posts: 940
    wongataa said:

    I use RithWithGPS.

    Ditto, works like a charm with my Elemnt Bolt.
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  • pilot_pete
    pilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    wongataa said:

    I use RithWithGPS.

    That’s the one. Still free, but I pay the small subscription which makes editing easier etc to support the excellent site and help them keep developing and because I use it a lot.