Scott foil 20 powermeter

Hello, I'm new here so sorry in advance if I posted this in wrong place. I want to buy new power meter for my bike, i've read a lot of discussions on internet but that only confused me more.. And now I'm a bit lost.
Bike is scott foil 20 2019year. Ultegra r8000 groupset.
I want to fit a quarq dfour oe dfour91 powermeter.
But I dont know what to do about bottom bracket, one forum said my bike has bb30 other bb71-41b. Quarq powermeter have bb30 or gxp, wich one should I choose? What bottom bracket do I need? I'm worried because I found some info that sram's gxp bb wont fit to my frame if its bb30? I am new in this so don't be mad if questions are dumb.. Just want to be sure what version of powermeter ant bb do I need and will it fit to my frame. Thanks