Urgent Help needed convert Mavic Wheels rear to front

Hi I'll start by telling my short dilemma. I bought a Canyon Strive less than a month ago and before I made my third ride I crashed it entering an underground parking when I forgot I had it on my roof rack. Luckily the only real damage was to the front wheel which was a Mavic Deemax Pro 29.

So the problem I'm having now is getting the new part which seems unavailable, but I found the rear wheel and wondering If I could use that to convert it to the front. The spoke count is the same, but really don't know if the length varies, the front hub seems to be working as well.

I attach the weblink



  • jadof
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    By the way the specs state The front hub is 15x110 (Boost) compatible, and the rear wheel comes in 12x148 (Boost).
    And the spokes seem to measure the same.
  • photonic69
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    You could probably use the rim from a (new?) rear wheel and have it rebuilt using your existing front hub and new spokes. Seems like an awful lot of faff to keep matching wheels. Just save up some money and buy a new wheelset?

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • steve_sordy
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    The only thing in common from front to rear will be the rim. The hubs and spokes are both different. Buy a new wheel, sell the hub.
  • Didc brake wheels is 2x both sides often share the same dpoke length front and rear. You should check k this though. Buying a new wheel is easier.
  • The Rookie
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    Again but in English?
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  • I thought the perceived wisdom was that attempting to repair/rebuild Mavic wheels was a fools errand?