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Seat Tube hairline cracks

I have an older (2012) carbon frame. It is a Cannondale Supersix Carbon. I was considering transferring over the components from a CAAD 10 that was crashed. I was inspecting it prior to doing that work and saw this. There does not appear to be damage all the way through, and some of these photos seem to indicate that the damage is to the paint but not down into the carbon. See the last photo for example.

The quarter test reveals no differences in the sound of the tube in this area versus in other areas on the tube. I do not consider this to prove anything in particular just want to be clear that I have already done this and it did not yield negative results.

The seat post used was always a stock Cannondale C3 and there do not appear to be any issues with it.

If this is not safe, I need to know. If there is anything I can do to mitigate this, I'd like to know. If there is anything further i can do to get a better opinion, I'd also like to know. I'll be taking it to a Cannondale dealer today to see what they think.

Thanks in advance.

See photos below...


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