I'm Making Bike Headtube Badges for my Coffee Shop..

Hi guys.
I run a coffee shop in the north of England, and have decided to get some bike headtube / head tube (what is the correct spacing) badges made up in the shops logo, and figured I would sell them to customers and give away as prizes etc.

I have found a UK design and manufacturer who is willing to make them and for 100 in my design works out about £2.30 each! My plan would be to give to some of the cyclist who come in with steel bikes and use as nice objects to have on display in the office or house.

This is the company.. They said all they need is a PDF, JPG or Illustrator file.


Any of you steelies be interested if a coffee shop asked you to put on on your bike?



  • fenix
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    Nice idea but if I were you I'd just go for branded mugs or something. At least they'd be used. Not sure what I could do with the badges.
  • david7m
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    Steelism :smiley:
  • ddraver
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    There has been 1 coffee shop that has won my affections enough to consider that however most riders of steel frames I have met would think it very important to show just how steel their frame is so replacing the head badge would be a little like... https://youtu.be/CQSPwrpFMVs?t=67
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  • pinno
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    Do those who have low carbon steel frames feel superior to those who have high carbon steel frames?
    I mean, how 'steely' do they aspire to be?
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  • If you're hell bent on something for the bike have you considered a steerer tube top cap instead of a head badge - alternatively maybe a t-shirt - free advertising even if they only wear it gardening.
  • Nice idea. I run a coffee shop in Canada and have a coffee machines guide website and I will implement this strategy for sure :)
  • pilot_pete
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    I think you would be better off with branded coffee cups, or sets and cafetieres etc. Either that or get half decent branded cycling kit made.

    I own some nice Rocket Espresso branded kit;

    Other cafes/ restaurants have successfully advertised their business with kit, think of Tolo’s in Majorca...

    It would be more expensive getting kit made, and you would have to test the market for demand, but I can’t see who would change their beautiful steel or titanium head tube badge for one advertising a cafe - if I owned a Laverack or Enigma I would want their badge adorning my bike.

    If you get a great designed kit, maybe start with the cheapest items such as caps or socks. If you choose the colours wisely they could compliment kit that you see cyclists using - for example, black and red are always prevalent in a group of riders, so maybe something along those lines, or do a few colour options with socks for example to give a choice.

    Good luck with it.