4iiii Fliiiight turbo trainer


Quite innovative as turbos go, having come across model by chance while looking at Black Friday deals on Tredz, £400 for turbo; hrm and 1-month sub to TrainerRoad https://www.tredz.co.uk/.4iiii-Fliiiight-Smart-Trainer-Bundle_222931.htm

Near silent operation (bike drivetrain), wheel-on turbo with real-time moving parts that don't touch the rear wheel, but adjust resistance through magnets
Can be used for up to ~2 hours without power supply, so good for race warmups
Magnetic USB-C power cable input
ANT+ and BT
Max power 2200W
7% slope emulation

Good concept for those who would like to train at anti-social hours, reducing chance of waking up others in home and/or neighbours below.
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