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Canyon Headset Checking/Repacking


I went to check the headset on my Canyon Inflite on the weekend after watching a few Youtube videos and feeling suitably confident. The headset feels a little rough and is leaking a bit of grease out of the top so does need some TLC.

When I went to start I noticed a few differences between it and the Youtubers so went back and searched more specifically for a Canyon headset. Glad I did because I could have had a few issues if I went ahead.

Question are;

- Do I need a bearing puller or press or could I carefully tap it out and back in,
- Could I just remove the cover off the bearing and repack it in situ (top and bottom bearing),
- Should I order replacement bearings and just knock the old ones out, and,
- Can I replace with a different set of bearings.

Otherwise the bikes in really good condition but is going in for a service over Christmas - I could just ask the LBS to replace.

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