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Merida Silex 700 problem with rear wheel.

thakerrilethakerrile Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Workshop
Hello, I have a problem with my bike and I cant get to the end of it. I have recently bought a bike Merida Silex 700 and one recently I had to remove the rear wheel in order to transport it and now when I tighten the axle the rear wheel isn't moving anymore.

From my understanding some sort of nut has fallen when I removed the rear wheel.
The bike shop where I bought it from said it cant help me since the part I need is from Fulcrum and they don't have Fulcrum parts.
I will attach the photos and the relevant links below. - The exact model of the bike. - The wheels

I would like to know what part is it I am missing and where can I get it.
Thanks a lot.
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