pinnacle dolomite 4 2017 vs cube nuroad pro fe 2019

hi, i m trying to decide between two bikes, a cube nuroad pro 2019 almost new fully equiped with fenders, lights, dynamo hub full tiagra with trp spyre or pinnacle dolomite 4 with full tiagra but levers and brakes are rs405, will cost around 100 pounda more for fenders, lights, wider tyres and new pedals. i want to use mostly for commute in the city in all weather and i wanted good breaks and good hubs to resist at least winter and spring rainy days without needing service. also i was curious wich frame is more shock absorbing as my former merida ride 300 was very confortable. thanks all for answer in advice.
Anyone knows if cube s wheels are with sealed cartridge bearings or loose ball?