Bike for Smart Trainer?

I'm thinking about getting a Smart Trainer (thinking direct drive) to keep me active during the winter. Generally, I abhor indoor training. When I used to (be able to) run, I called that dang thing I was forced to run on in bad weather a "dreadmill." Since the old age injury (don't ask) and cessation of running (used to run 20-25 miles/week purely for exercise), I've picked up an eBike and I LOVE riding it. But winter approaches (it's here) and Zwift looks like an amusing option to keep me more entertained during indoor workouts. So I'm looking at a direct drive trainer. But alas, I have no bike for it (the eBike is way too heavy and not worth removing the rear wheel since I might use it on warm winter days). Any suggestions for a cheap bike to drop on the trainer? Get the cheapest 22 speed from Bikes Direct and toss the rear wheel? Get a cheap frame and build up the parts needed for the trainer (cheap front wheel, drive system, bars, seat)...I've never done this, but I am mechanically inclined? I don't actually intend on riding this bike outdoors. The Kickr Bike looked pretty K-Rad but dang pricey. Thoughts? Ideas?


  • mrb123
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    Just keep an eye on Gumtree and something suitable is bound to appear sooner or later.

    I went through the same thing looking at the cheapest new bikes or considering a build from cheap bits and pieces but in the end a good second hand deal was far better.
  • mrb123
    mrb123 Posts: 4,716
    FWIW I got a barely used Giant Defy with 10 speed 105 for £200. Would have been loads of options if I didn't need a very large size.
  • fenix
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    I'd at least look for a bike that I might want to ride outside when given the chance?

    Don't think you need 22 gears on a turbo either - I used a fixed wheel quite happily one winter. Just make sure you can alter the resistance on the turbo.