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Bike Storage Shed/Workshop

joe.gilbertjoe.gilbert Posts: 2
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Looking for some advice on a bike storage shed/workshop for the garden.

I dont want it to be huge but it needs space to hang 3/4 roadbikes, all of my kit bar clothing and possibly a bench in there for tools and things.

In an ideal world, also able to leave a bike stand erected in there but that may be pushing it a little with how much of the garden I'm allowed to use!

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for where to buy from? Are there any sort of specialist companies that cater for this or would it just be a normal shed? Any good recommendations on bike hooks or units for storing helmets, spare kit, etc etc.

I want it to be secure so I'm veering away from a wooden shed with windows but I read somewhere that metal sheds, whilst harder to break into, get damp and wet in winter.

Looking forward to your input!


  • arthur_scrimshawarthur_scrimshaw Posts: 2,596
    edited November 2019
    No wooden shed will be very secure so suggest a concrete base with ground anchors to secure the bikes plus a shed alarm. I'm not familiar with metal sheds but any outside structure will be vulnerable to scumbags. Get power to it as well for lighting/heat etc while you're putting the base down.
    If your hanging the bikes the structure will need to be a bit more robust than your average wooden garden shed, these are available but cost more.
    I have a garage which is away from the house but I've had power installed and turned it into a workshop as well. Damp is going to be a problem with unoccupied buildings, I first bought a heater but it was worse than useless for dealing with damp, so I bought a dehumidifier which has transformed the area. If you decide to do this don't go for the compressor type as these don't work properly below 15c and below 10c will be in permanent de-frost. You need a desiccant one, these also provide a small amount of heat (typically raising the temperature by 2c or 3c) and work down to 1c. I bought a good one (Ecoaire) which was pricey but stripped out the moisture in a couple of days and just ticks over now.
  • Re bike hooks, I bought the planet x ones
    They are £3 each, but often much less, and do the job perfectly.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Sheds will always be damp - unless you insulate and heat them. I suppose a dehumidifier may help.

    3 or 4 bikes hanging will still take up a fair bit of room - you need a reasonable height to hang them (min the length of the bike) and they come out a surprisingly long way.

    The Jobsworth hooks are fine - but you do need a very secure wall to attach them to - I've had a few pull out of my brick wall where the rawlplug has pulled out - interestingly, the two I've got fixed to a wooden bracket which is screwed to a partition wall have stayed firm.

    Security wise, it's best if the scrotes cant see you've got bikes in there - either through your social media (facebook/strava) or the window because Sheds are easy to get into (compared to garages) - even then, I've heard reports of garages being broken into. After that - you'd need a secure lock - hopefully something that'll take a bit of work and noise to open - without being such a pain that you don't take the bike down yourself.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,406
    edited November 2019
    Have you considered an Asgard shed? We have the 29er, self-assembled pretty easily onto a concrete base in our back garden. It holds three road bikes plus a large European-style city e-bike. With two shelves and hooks for storage. No issue with condensation, very secure and it’s so heavy and solid we didn’t see any need to have a ground anchor. Asgard have a big range, including sheds you can stand up in. Highly recommended.

  • That's all really really helpful guys thanks.
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,785
    I've just got a 10' x 6' shed with a pent roof at the moment, 5 road/cx bikes hung off the back wall, mountain bike, bike box, spare wheels, kit, tools and work bench. Space to have the work stand out in censored weather or to have the turbo out too. Job jobbed.
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