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TCR Advanced 2 vs TCR Advanced 3 vs Defy Advanced 2

Hi there,
I'm going to buy a new road bike and after some researching, I narrow down my choices to these three bikes from Giant:
- TCR Advanced 2
- TCR Advanced 3
- Defy Advanced 2

Now, I could not take my final decision.

The first problem is to choose between Defy and TCR frame. I go for biking 2 times a week, and usually I bike "at least" 30-40 km a day. I so rarely do racing, but I do like to usually test my bike's speed limits. We can say that I compete with myself and I like speed. So, I am more for TCR, but afraid if it is enough comfortable for long rides?

The second problem is to choose between Advanced 2 and Advanced 3. Are the feeling, handling, speed, stiffness the same? The Shimano 105 groupset (on Advanced 2) is worth paying a few hundred dollars more compared to Tiagra groupset (on Advanced 3)? I am wondering if after few ridings, am I going to notice a real difference between these two models?
Also, is there any difference between 2017 and 2018 in TCR models? worth to pay more for newer model?

Many thanks in advance.


  • drhaggisdrhaggis Posts: 886
    Get a test ride in both bike frames. That's the only way to know.

    The difference between Tiagra and 105 isn't huge. I have both in two bikes (in different countries, mind you) and, honestly, the biggest/only difference I feel is the gear ratio while climbing. 105 is a bit lighter, has one extra gear, and you can upgrade to ultegra bit by bit if you want. Tiagra is cheaper but, other than the rear derrailleur, cannot be upgraded "gently" to 11-speed.

    Another difference between TCR advanced 3 and 2 may be the wheelset _and_ the tyres, so check that out.

    Even 2018 models are a bit old now: current modles are 2020, with 2019 ones being 20% off online. You should expect a hefty discount. Having said that, the TCR frames haven't changed. Defy frames may have changed in 2019. The higher end wheelsets have, as have the tyres. I don't rate the original Giant SR tyres, but have heard that Gavias (tubeless, newer) are actually decent.
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    I've never had a problem on my TCR for long rides, have done 200km rides on it without issue.

    Personally I went for the TCR Advanced 3 when I was buying, because I preferred the colour. In due course I upgraded the bike to 105 and transferred the tiagra to another bike.
  • If it's 105 R7000 then I'd pay the extra and get that. If we're talking 105 5800 which may well be the case on 17/18 models and the price difference is really a "few hundred dollars" then I'd get Tiagra.
  • asr33asr33 Posts: 2
    I got a test ride, and I liked a little bit more the feeling of TCR. So I go for TCR frame, but still hesitate between advanced 2 and 3.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,482
    The only difference is between the groupset and finishing kit, the frame is always the same.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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