Embarrassing slip & fall twice in two days!

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My commuter is an old steel 80s converted to SS (48x17t, GI around 74). My tyres are 25c Marathon Plus and had just under 3,000miles. Usually around 80PSI

This week, I had my first ever slip & fall, first time in nearly 6,000miles on the bike. I go the same route twice every day and it was on a 90c bend (20mph speed limit). Tyres lost grip suddenly and I went splat out on the ground. Dry , no leaves, drain cover, pain or oil on the tarmac, perhaps I was going too fast. Few grazes on my elbow and knees, more of an embarrassment that I caused the traffic to stop and kind souls came running to me to help me pick up myself.

Two days later, another slip & fall, around a mini-roundabout (the white circle paint type). Again complete loss of traction and flat on the ground. I was definitely going slower than usual (for the fear of this very reason...). I got pretty annoyed the fact that it happened twice in two days.

I had no issue with Marathon Plus so far and all of the sudden I get two falls. I've read about Marathon not having the best grip, but come on, it's not right if I can't go around a bend without falling. The tread on the tyres are still deep, but then it is approaching 3000miles (no puncture thankfully).

Just a rogue episodes, or tyres due for change?
Or something else to check?

Thanks for your thoughts


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    That does sound odd. I found marathons to be ok with grip. This winter I've swapped them for some lighter tyres and they definitely have less grip. I may swap back even.
  • Marathons are not ok for grip but that's a relative term. They are fine until you hit greasy patch or lean too much. They tyres ate probably not worn unless they have squared off. Just take it easier. They are not tyres for fast riding and cornering.
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    Could well be spilt diesel. A lorry or bus with loose or missing fuel cap will spew out the stuff on bends and roundabouts - just where it’s most dangerous for bikes and motorbikes.
  • I have nearly slipped too every corner is taken carefully at the moment. Had a I front wheel skid stopping for a junction and the rear wheel step out when accel6outofa junction. Roads are dodgy at the moment.
  • Thanks all, sorry to hear that others had slip, losss of grip recently, but it's a relief to hear that it's not just me.

    Marathon Plus has been good for my needs. I gave up fast commuting long ago so I don't usually go crazy with speed (average 14-16mph over 20mile leg). The two recent slips made me doubt about going around a bend. I know from experience that wet conditon after days of dry weather is danger, but I just couldn't see anything on the road that could have cause me to slip.

    Will take care and continue commuting, for sure.

    Stay safe out there people!