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Bottom bracket woes,

I have a felt Z5 with a press fit bb , never again !!
Lots of problems with it , eventually my lbs fitted a wheels manufacturing set up , all ok for 8 months then creak rattle and roll £105 to have it fitted , tried some cheaper bearing £50 , lasted 4 months , just had better bearings fitted £65 noticed yesterday a little play , went back to lbs, they had a look , and told me that the LHS of the axle was worn and was causing the play. Now need a new chain set .
it is a 105 11 speed . Does this happen ?? why does it happen thought axles were tougher than this ,.
Wish I could go back to running , no where near the expense of cycling


  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,244
    Having problems with my Felt too! This is my axel. Stupid pressfit
  • Hi
    What can be done about it?
    Just changed a 105 from my other bike onto the felt and all is tight as a drum.
    But I wonder for how long ?
    I can not keep changing chain sets ,
    I have been watching Hambini on youtube, makes me think the bearing lines a re out of parallel causing the wear on the axle .
    Thought the wheels manufacturing outboard bb would help , not so sure now.
  • It's not cycling that's the the bike you picked. You may not have known at the time but many modern bikes with press for bbs are a bit rubbish.

    Have these bb cups been loctited in place.
  • i.bhamrai.bhamra Posts: 178
    I agree with thecycleclinic. The best solution I've found (other than opting for a frame with threaded BB shell) is using the Hope PF BBs will the cups that screw together with a collar. They aren't cheap but are top quality and work really well.
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